Jefferson Nguyen is an up and coming performing artist, based in Boorloo (Perth),

Western Australia. Jefferson is a first generation Vietnamese Australian, and this

influences his work in many ways, focusing a lot on racism, and many other social

issues. He is currently at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts,

studying a Bachelor of Performing Arts, majoring in Performance Making.


Jefferson has strong values and ideals based in equality, inclusion, feminism and, anti-racism, and includes these values and ideals into his works. Jefferson also participates in musical theatre, winning an award for his performance in Footloose The Musical. Jefferson believes in the importance of independent local theatre, participating in the Perth Fringe Festival, performing in the show Killdeer in the 2020 Fringe Festival.


Jefferson above everything else is a deviser, he believes in the importance of

working in a group environment, and the energy that a diverse cast can bring to a piece work, and strives to show the importance that theatre has in today’s world.