Crystal Nguyen is an emerging actor, singer and model with a passion for redefining beauty standards and representations of people with disabilities in the arts. She lives with Brittle Bones Disease and strives to present her physicality as a strength in her creative expressions. Her notable roles include 'Mrs. Soames' in the Black Swan State Theatre staging of Our Town and performing in 'The Events' with Rhythmos Choir. 


Prior to moving to Australia in 2015, she was a newsreader and commercial voice-over artist for a variety of radio programs in Vietnam. At only fifteen years old, she showcased her talent on the stage of Vietnam's Got Talent Season 1 and finished at sixth place. Crystal's unique experience with the show inspired her to embark on a disability advocate journey through performance, and she has collaborated with organisations such as UNICEF to raise awareness and challenge the stigma surrounding disability and self-expression.


Throughout her years being immersed in the arts, Crystal has worked closely with prestigious Vietnamese composers and vocal coaches to perfect her pop and RnB vocal styles.


When not acting or studying, Crystal enjoys Vietnamese food, bullet-journaling and rewatching her comfort TV shows for the 109th time.