Denzel has travelled and competed in several dance competitions both nationally and internationally including Dancers Paradise Mexico (Sole Fam 1st Place 2017, Sole Fam 1st Place 2019), World Hip Hop Dance Championships (The Society - Las Vegas 2014, The Society - San Diego 2015), World of Dance Brisbane (The Society - Brisbane 2016), World Supremacy Battlegrounds Perth and Revolution Melbourne (Katsu Boys 2018) just to name a few. He also played Mr. Mistoffelees in Platinum Entertainment’s Cats the musical.


Denzel’s determination of wanting to get better at his craft rapidly grew through the years of experience working closely with his peers and mentors. After graduating at John Forrest Secondary College in 2016, Denzel began his freelance dance teaching career. He has choreographed for multiple dance schools in Perth and also co-found and directed ‘Asylum Dance Crew’, which trained many passionate and like-minded dancers. He has also choreographed and co-ordinated for the Perth Lynx Dance Crew (2017 - 2018) who performs at the Perth Lynx Basketball team home games.


Although his first passion was dance, Denzel started to work on music production alongside training in dance and advanced both skills together. These two artforms grew side-by-side and he soon realised the limitless possibilities that music opened up for his choreographing. He customised all of his dance performances with remixes of his favourite music and it stood out in performances and competitions. After posting his work on social media, it sparked an interest in dancers from around the world and inspired them to request their own customised mixes. 


His most recent custom mix work include Elektrolytes (ABDC 7 Champions), Supremacy Dance Family (San Diego, USA), The Hood Dance Academy (Brisbane, Aus), A1 Collective (Los Angeles, USA), Jervis Livelo (Sydney, Aus).