Crystal is an ardent performing artist born and raised in Perth, Western Australia. Growing up in a music loving household, Crystal discovered her love for music from a young age. Because of her family’s love of karaoke and classical music, Crystal was constantly singing around the household and nightly for karaoke nights. Her father introduced her to many different materials such as opera, pop, gospel and classical music; introducing her to idols such as Sarah Brightman, Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Andrea Bocelli, Yiruma etc. who still serve as inspiration to her to this day. Since her father showed her The Phantom of the Opera, Crystal has been obsessed and inspired to pursue a career in singing.

At age 10 Crystal convinced her family to move to South Korea for her to pursue a career as a Korean performer. At age 11, Crystal became a contestant for Korea's Got Talent and went through to the third round. Following Korea’s Got Talent, she was accepted to be a trainee at a renowned entertainment agency KeyEast, with famous South-Korean idols such as Kim Soo-Hyun, Hong Ji-Young, Kim Hyun-Joong, Park Soo-jin, and the list goes on. At the agency, the intense training focused on body conditioning which fostered her strong disciplinary skills, and a good work ethic. 

After training for a year at the agency, Crystal had stumbled upon a YouTube video of Dami Im on Australia’s Got Talent and was inspired; after watching another fellow Korean being successful in her hometown, Crystal made the decision to return home and pursue her career there. Upon returning to Perth, Crystal saw her very first musical Wicked and immediately fell in love with musical theatre.

Crystal attended Belmont City College and was heavily involved in their drama and music program, participating in many musical soirees and landing the role of Lily in her high school production Mr and Mrs Revolting. She was also a representative for her school choir and sang for their national concert. After high school Crystal looked to further her training at Principal Academy of Dance and Theatre Arts after being inspired by one of their alumni Katherine Langford, another Perth performer. Crystal was accepted into the Diploma of Musical Theatre, and the following year continued with their Advanced Diploma of Musical Theatre. 

During her first year of study, Crystal was a featured vocalist and ensemble dancer in the Mid-Year Gala performance at Nexus Theatre. She was also a featured vocalist for the Musical Soiree Downstairs at the Maj and a singer and ensemble dancer for the Gala Performance at Nexus Theatre. The following year, during her Advanced Diploma, Crystal was cast as one of the supporting roles in We Will Rock You, gracing the stage alongside her peers as a Teen Queen and Gaga ensemble at Crown Theatre. She is currently directing a new Asian-Australian musical coming to Fringe World 2021.