Nina Gee is a passionate creator that has experiences in both film and stage. She works in the art department crafting props and designing sets. Nina champions diverse representation within the arts, especially for queer and Asian communities. Her goal in life is to make meaningful art that gives a voice to minorities. What drew her to join the PASSING team is how the story shined a light on the themes of Australian cultural identity and belonging, a topic that she believed needs to be talked about more.


Most recently, Nina was the Production designer for short films such as Dissociation (2020), The Guard Station (2019), Double X Cross (2019) and more. Her proudest achievement was being the Production Designer for the short film Hold Up (2020), a Screenwest funded Elevate short film, that celebrated Asian talents in front and behind the camera. Nina has also worked as an art assistant on other projects such as Antecedents - short film (2019), The White Dress - short film (2020), and upcoming feature film I Met A Girl (2019).


In 2019, Nina graduated from Murdoch University with an Honours in Communication and Media studies, having written a thesis around queer representation within Singapore media and how it impacted Singapore's LGBTQIA+ activism. Before that, Nina received her Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Screen Productions with a minor in Theatre & Drama. At university, she also did improvisation classes on Fridays, but that was just a fun thing she did with no relation to her current career path (she likes to think that it made her funny).


When Nina is not working by shopping for props, building sets, or making fake blood, you can often find her indulging in her hobbies such as shopping for herself, building legos, and making fake blood. She enjoys the occasional tea, but her true passion is drinking coffee, for she was once a starving artist that worked as a barista. Nina is also a self-proclaimed instant noodle connoisseur that hopes to one day start her own vlog.